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Promo Only: Rhythm Club [1998-12] December 1998
...CD: Promo Only R-CLUB-1998-12 (US), 1998/12.
01 Insane Clown Posse Party, The (Clean Version) [BPM info: var.] 6:29 -
02 Total Feat. Missy Elliott Trippin' (Missy Mix) 4:14 61.0
03 Busta Rhymes Gimme Some More (Clean Version) 3:05 68.0
04 Jay-Z Feat. Amil and Ja Rule Can I Get A_ (Clean Album Version) 5:10 88.0
05 Before Dark Come Correct (LP Version) 4:17 89.0
06 Method Man Feat. Streetlife Dangerous Grounds (Radio Edit) 3:47 95.0
07 DJ Quik Hand In Hand (Radio Mix) 4:17 95.0
08 Tribe Called Quest, A Pad And Pen (LP Version) 3:23 95.0
09 McKnight, Brian Feat. Tone & Kobe Bryant Hold Me (Trackmasters Remix Edit) 3:58 99.0
10 Beenie Man Feat. Angie Martinez Tell Me (Extended Freestyle Mix) 5:09 100.0
11 2 In A Room Dar La Vuelta (Bi-Lingual Extended) 5:33 128.0
12 SF Spanish Fly Coming To Get Your Love (Original Mix) 4:12 130.0
13 Xscape My Little Secret (Lil' John Remix) 5:56 130.0
14 Club World Experience Scratch The Bass (LP Version) 3:27 134.0
15 Planet Patrol Play At Your Own Risk (Lil' John Main Pass) 6:26 135.0
16 El Presidente La Gatica (Latin Swing) 4:14 138.0

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