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Promo Only: Rhythm Club [1998-08] August 1998
...CD: Promo Only R-CLUB-1998-08 (US), 1998/08.
01 Silkk the Shocker It Ain't My Fault (Mixshow Edit) 4:47 88.0
02 Paul, Sean Infiltrate (LP Version) 3:37 89.0
03 Spragga Benz She Nuh Ready Yet (LP Clean) 3:29 92.0
04 Jean, Wyclef Chickenhead (Icerider Remix) 4:30 93.0
05 Flipmode Squad Cha Cha Cha (LP Version) 3:42 96.0
06 Shaggy Feat. Janet Luv Me, Luv Me (LP Clean) 3:54 97.0
07 Franklin, Aretha Here We Go Again (Bass Mix) 3:28 124.0
08 Mantronik vs. EPMD Strictly Business (Mantronik MBA Formula) 4:55 125.0
09 Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight (TKC's Old School Mix) 6:49 127.0
10 Jungle Brothers I'll House You '98 (Anthony Acid & DJ Scribble Vocal Club Mix) 7:26 128.0
11 Guell, Ray Love Will Come (Diaz Bros. Latin Mix) 3:38 128.0
12 DJ Icey Not A Test (Original Mix) 5:39 128.0
13 Estefan, Gloria Oye (Mijangos Latin Mix w/English Vocals) 9:32 130.0
14 INOJ Time After Time (Extended LP Version) 5:32 133.0
15 Disco & The City Boyz Get 'Em Up (Radio (Club)) 3:18 134.0

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