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Marina: Dream Lover EP
...CD5 sgl.: MRK Records MRK7020-2 (US), 1998.
0 Marina Dream Lover EP - -
1 ..."... Dream Lover (Radio Mix) 4:11 138.0
2 ..."... Foolish Games (Radio Mix) 4:04 132.0
3 ..."... Um-Lotty-Da (Radio Mix) 3:24 142.0
4 ..."... Dream Lover (Extended Club Mix / Acar Key) 7:12 138.0
5 ..."... Dream Lover (The Dream Velvet Mix / Marina and Danny Madden) 7:01 128.0
6 ..."... Dream Lover (Galaxy Love Mix / Rob Fielack) 6:27 130.0
7 ..."... Dream Lover (Brutal's Groovin' Vocal Mix / "Brutal Bill" Marquez) 7:46 131.0
8 ..."... Foolish Games (Extended Club Mix / Matt Richman & Rob Fielack) 7:05 132.0
9 ..."... Um-Lotty-Da (Extended Club Mix / Acar Key) 6:48 142.0
Note: Prod. by Marina.
DJR Review: Phenomenal! sums up MRK Records fourth release (early 1998), "The Dream Lover EP", by Marina. This maxi CD single is loaded; nine tracks consisting of radio and various club versions of three string titles, "Dream Lover," "Foolish Games," and "Um-Lotty-Da."

Dream Lover cover art"Dream Lover" will be blazing a path to #1. The Radio and Extended Club mixes are instantly infectious in a Euro-NRG style (ala La Bouche, "Sweet Dreams"). Marina's solid vocal delivery is complimented with guitar strumming, calliope and organ chording, latin bongos and a driving rhythm. The rhythm sweeps you up; you can't resist humming, finger snapping and jiggling about.

The Dream Velvet Mix is defined by a bouncing bassline, softer vocal rendering and a relaxed orchestrated vibe with a sweeping synth riff.

A deeper emphasis is given to the Galaxy Love Mix with a plodding, pounding, drumbeat breaking off into syncopated frenzies. Interesting vocal sample loops and echos interspersed with the chorus, lend an overall dubby feel.

Brutal's Groovin Vocal Mix launches with a progressive house rhythm which bounds along for 3 minutes before it meets with Marina's full-on vocals.

This release would be complete with "Dream Lover," but it also has two more songs. "Foolish Games" is melancholy, yet pleasant, with emotional vocals set over a galloping beat and violin melody.

"Um-Lotty-Da" is a delightful Euro-NRG song with a "Rhythm of the Night"-ish chorded bottom and plucking strings. Marina shows off her vocal talents in this effortlessly weaving from a delicate verse to a gusto-filled chorus.

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