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Various: Mix: Ministry of Sound: The Sessions: Vol. 2
...CD: Ministry of Sound MINSTCD 002 (UK), 1994.
0 Various: Mix Ministry of Sound: The Sessions: Vol. 2 (Prod.: Paul Oakenfold) - -
01 Sandee Notice Me - 125.3
02 River Ocean f/ India Love & Happiness (Yemaya Yochun) (Club Mix / LL Vega and KD Gonzalez) [BPM info: 125.3->125.7] - 125.7
03 Hard Drive Deep Inside (Little Louie Vega) - 125.5
04 Robin S I Want to Tahnk You (Bad Yard Club Mix / David Morales) - 124.0
05 South Street Players (Who?) Keeps Changin' Your Mind (Night Mix / Roland Clark) [Note: May slow after its start.] - 123.5
06 Believers, The Who Dares to Believe in Me (Original Mix / Roy Davis, Jr.) - 123.1
07 Roberts, Juliet Caught in the Middle (Roach Motel Dub / Terry Farley & Pete Heller) - 123.3
08 Fire Island f/ Love Nelson There But For the Grace of God (Roger's Garage Mix / Farley, Heller, Wilkinson) - 123.6
09 NuYorican Soul The Nervous Track (LL Vega & KD Gonzalez) - 123.3
10 Incognito Givin' It Up (Uplifting Club Mix / Roger S.) - 125.5
11 Holloway, Loleatta Stand Up (Clap "Yo" Hands Mix / Johnny Vicious) - 126.6
12 D:Ream UR the Best Thing (Sexy Disco Dub / Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne) - 126.7
Note: The entire CD is mixed together.

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