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East 17: House of Love
...12 inch vinyl: London LONX 325 (UK), 1992.
A1 East 17 House of Love (Son of a Bitch Mix / Ian Curnow & Phil Harding) - 117.6
A2 ..."... House of Love (Glossy Coat Mix / Steve Singleton & David Lewin) - 112.4
B1 ..."... House of Love (Wet Nose Mix / Danny & Austin -Suburban Base) - 129.8
Time: Originally created by four EastEnders before Austin (Vibe Alive) Reynolds & Danny (Break'z) Donnelly brilliantly remixed it at Suburban Base in Wet Nose Mix and Dib, this dog bark introed and stereo Billy Stewart 'Summerime' scat prodded terrifically jaunty 129.7 bpm leaper is driven by bubbling Afro rhythms that give is the most exciting groove in ages (with irregular numbered bars, mixers beware). Stay standing still if you can! Review in: DJ71:45

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