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Various: Logic Trance 5 : mixed by John Debo
...CD track: Logic LGADV-84346-2 (US), 2001/05.
01 Cusick, Sean Of Course 7:00 -
02 Sphere Barrier (Robb & Skinner Remix) 6:45 -
03 Antahkarana Pakal 7:22 -
04 Cimmera Depth Charge 5:18 -
05 Militano, Mark Upset Words 5:24 -
06 Fanciulli & Blewett Dockside 5:39 -
07 Phaser Siriusex 7:39 -
08 Li'sha That's Why I'm Here (Lexicon Avenue Remix) 7:08 -
09 Soultrance Somethin' Else 4:11 -
10 Atropin Project Plusier (Fade Mix) 6:39 -
11 Star Rock Rose (ddH Remix) 6:08 -
12 Tone Depth Rumblefish (Vocal Mix) 4:53 -

DJR Review: The Logic 3000 series, Logic Trance, presents mixes of some of the best DJ's in America. John Debo is a perfect fit for the fifth in the series, "Logic Trance 5 : John Debo continuous mix." The deep and churning mix displays the darker side of trance. Minimal at its start, the mix weaves its way through textures and tones all the while building in drive and energy. Not frenetic techno / trance; this is a wonderful thick potion of tribalesque rhythms that envelop and hypnotize. John Debo melds all the elements of an accomplished DJ here with a great track selection, apt arrangement and seamless mixing.

Check out the Logic 3000 web site for more information on Logic Trance 5, including streaming sound clips, John Debo's bio and tour information.

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