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Static Rhythm: We Exist
...12 inch vinyl: Little Fluffy Records LFR 006 (Ireland), 1999.
A Static Rhythm We Exist (Mara Remix) - -
B ..."... We Exist (Original Mix) - -
Note: Press release from Little Fluffy Records:

After the success of Chris Cargo "Waters edge" comes a track written over three years ago by Belfast's own Graemel.

With deep percussive, almost bizarre sound effects and ambient textures the original is definitely a start of set track which has a busy steady bass line that keeps the pace at a heady groove reminiscent of the earlier days of the progressive sound, that fuses a techno-trance undertone.

When asked why he had not released the track earlier he stated " because the track was so ahead of its time I felt that I had more current material to concentrate on, this was when I was under contract with SteelFish, as time went by the track was forgotten about."

The Mara remix, courtesy of Choo Choo Records Sheffield is an altogether different affair, using some of the same ideas in percussion but in a more club friendly guise. Straight in with beats and funky analogue bass this is a pile driver of a remix on a slightly more urgent mission focusing on the vocal samples suggestive phrasing everything helps to underpin a journey that is definitely not for the faint hearted amongst the club fraternity.

Both tracks are a D.J.s dream come true. We hope you feel as privileged and passionate about them as much as we here at the label do.

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