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Hot Tracks: NRG-30V: NRG for the 90's - Volume 30
...12 inch vinyl: Hot Tracks NRG-30 (US), 1996.
0 Hot Tracks NRG-30V: NRG for the 90's - Volume 30 - -
A1 Rye, Suzann Because You Loved Me (Hot Tracks Digital Mix/Love This Recs.UK / Steven Tucker) [Time: 6:42 Intro: 32/32 Brk: 3:41 32 Outro: 6:26 32 Note: Mixes used: Research and Development, Million Messages. Dance cover of Celine Dion's ballad.] - 128.0
A2 Rupaul Snapshot (Hot Tracks Digital Mix/Rhino Recs. / Steven Tucker) [Time: 6:01 Intro: 32/16/16 Brk: 3:53 32 Outro: 5:31 32 Note: Mix used: Kupper's Extended Version. An energetic mix with a number of cute samples added in such is an electro, "supermodel, supermodel," quip, "everybody dance, clap your hands," "you think you're fierce."] - 142.0
B1 Newton Sometimes When We Touch (Hot Tracks Mix/Dominion Recs. / Stephen L. Freeman) [Time: 6:32 Intro: 32/32 Brk: 3:11 32/32 Outro: 6:01 32/32 Note: Mix used: Pete Hammond NRG] - 133.9
B2 Bianca Hypnotic Tango (Hot Tracks Digital Mix/Almighty Recs. UK / Robert Farrell) [Time: 6:33 Intro: 32/32 Brk: 3:51 32/32 Outro: 6:02 32/32 Note: Mix used: Master] - 132.4
Producer: Ron Hester Note: Blue vinyl.

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