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Hot Tracks: BNRG3-CD: Best of NRG for the 90's Vol. 3
...CD: Hot Tracks CD-BNRG-3 (US), 1993.
0 Hot Tracks BNRG3-CD: Best of NRG for the 90's Vol. 3 (Prod.: Chris Cox & J. Mark Andrus) - -
A01 Dion, Celine Love Can Move Mountains (Digital Mix / Jim Robinson & Pete Werner) - 119.0
A02 Johnston, Sabrina Peace (Digital Mix / Chris Cox) - 116.0
A03 Yazz Treat Me Good (Edit / Glenn Cattanach) - 118.0
A04 Davis, Nancy If You Belonged to Me (Mix / Stephen L. Freeman) - 120.0
A05 West End feat. Sybil The Love I Lost (Mix / Stephen L. Freeman) - 124.0
A06 Shooting Party I Go to Pieces (Edit / Chris von Hellerman) - 124.0
A07 Carnival of Lost Souls Without You (Digital Mix / Ian Gordon & Mark Alsop) [Time: 6:18] - 124.0
A08 Red, Paris Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Mix / Stephen L. Freeman) - 127.0
A09 Fortunati, Michael Tell Me Why (Edit / Chris Cox) - 127.0
A10 Minogue, Kylie Do You Dare (Digital Mix / Robert Farrell) - 128.0
A11 Baby D Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Digital Mix / J. Mark Andrus) [Time: 6:22] - 134.0
B01 Johnson, Jeff One More Chance (Remix & Add. Prod. / Chris Cox) - 117.0
B02 Houston, Thelma What He Has (Digital Mix / Chris Cox) - 120.0
B02 R.A.F. We've Got To Live Together (Digital Mix / J. Mark Andrus) - 122.0
B04 OMD Sailing on the Seven Seas (Digital Mix / Jim Robinson & Pete Werner) - 123.0
B05 Minogue, Kylie What Kind of Fool (Digital Mix / J. Mark Andrus) - 124.0
B06 Summer, Donna & Giorgio Moroder Carry On (Digital Mix / J. Mark Andrus) [Note: Title initially released with artist as: Moroder, Giorgia feat. Donna Summer.] 7:30 123.0
B07 Bananarama Movin' On (Digital Mix / Chris Cox) [Time: 5:16] - 125.0
B08 Kohl, Ernest Don't You Want My Love (Mix / Glenn Cattanach) - 125.0
B09 CO.RO feat./ Tarlisa Because the Night (Digital Mix / Ron Hester) [Time: 6:13 Artist cross-ref.: Depeche Mode Note: Includes even more samples from Depeche Mode's, "Master and Servant," than the original mixes, with repetitive "It's alot," and "Master and Servant," at one point.] - 128.0
B10 Lekakis, Paul Boom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room) '92 (Digital Mix / Ron Hester) - 129.0
B11 Sodapops Gimme Some Lovin' (Digital Mix / Ron Hester) 5:38 132.0

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