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Hot Tracks: Issue 18-5
...CD: Hot Tracks CD-18-05 (US), 1999/12.
0 Hot Tracks Issue 18-5 - -
01 Various Artists Robert Farrell's 1999 Year End Megamix (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Robert Farrell) 13:18 128.1
02 Moore, Mandy Candy (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Matt "The Brat" Derrick) [Note: Mixes Used: Radio Edit] 6:02 100.5
03 ..."... Candy (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Robert Farrell) [Note: Mixes Used: Ritchie Santana] 6:30 127.9
04 Vitamin C Me, Myself & I (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Dave Gadbois) [Note: Mixes Used: Pablo Flores Radio Edit] 5:48 126.7
05 Simply Red Ain't That A Lot Of Love (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Chris Racine) [Note: Mixes Used: Club 69 Underground Club, Club 69 Underground Dub] 6:00 127.8
06 Lee, Coco Do You Want My Love (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Stephen L. Freeman) [Note: Mixes Used: Hex Hector Club, Hex Hector Dub] 6:23 129.3
07 Yazz Situation (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Robert Farrell) [Note: Mixes Used: Club 69 Mix] 5:49 129.6
08 Soul Solution F/ Carolyn Harding All Around The World (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Igor Len) [Note: Mixes Used: Main Mix] 7:24 130.0
09 System 3 The Only Way Is Up (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Tim Prezzano) [Note: Mixes Used: Original 12" Mix, Acappella] 6:04 130.0
10 McKnight, Brian Back At One (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Matt "The Brat" Derrick) [Note: Mixes Used: Raw Mix, Cibola Instrumental, Cibola Radio] 5:45 133.2
11 Sash F/ Shannon Move Mania (Hot Tracks Digital Mix / Steven Tucker) [Note: Mixes Used: John B. Norman Remix] 6:16 136.1
Note: Also available on 2X12"

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