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Gate Music Services, The: Spheris Series - [9701] January 1997
...CD: The Gate Music Services S-CD-01-97 (US), 1997.
0 Gate Music Services, The Spheris Series - [9701] January 1997 - -
01 Boxcar People Get High (The Gate Music Service Mix) [Note: This is a perfectly structured remix! Thee one to play.] - 132.0
02 Base Culture Love the Life '96 (The Gate Music Service Mix) - 136.0
03 Movin' Melodies Rollerblade (The Gate Music Service Mix) - 135.0
04 Love Tribe Stand Up (The Gate Music Service Mix) [Note: It's nice, but I would have at least thrown in the Narcotic Dub, which is really the trademark mix for this track with its copycat, "There but for the grace of God," riffs.] - 126.0
05 De'Lacy That Look (The Gate Music Service Mix) - 128.0
06 Deep Dish Stay Gold (The Gate Music Service Mix) [Note: The mixes on both commercially released CD sgls ramble monotonously. The Gate crew have reconstructed it into a masterpiece.] - 128.0
07 Klubbheads Klubbhopping (The Gate Music Service Mix) - 131.0
08 4-2 the Floor Watching You Watching Me (The Gate Music Service Mix) [Note: This track is given a tighten and harden treatment affording it just enough distance from the passe' eurobeat sound for a much improved dance floor appeal. It should now work well with a broader audience.] - 131.0
09 Future Force What You Want (The Gate Music Service Mix) - 128.0
10 Rea, Chris & Shirley Bassey Disco La Passione (The Gate Music Service Mix) - 133.0

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