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Various: Take Control of the Party -The 2nd Compilat.
...CD: Epic EK 52477 (US), 1992.
01 B.G. The Prince of Rap Take Control of the Party (The Rhythm Method Mix) - 133.1
02 Call of the Wild Call of the Wild (Program 2, Demonic Mix) - 120.9
03 Anything Box Beat of Life (Straight FM Mix) - 127.9
04 Deputies of Love Deputies of Love (Up Against the Wall Mix) - 126.8
05 Red, Paris Good Friend (Ultimix Mix) - 123.7
06 Spagna Love at First Sight (Black Box Remix) - 118.0
07 Paranoiax Climaximal (Sextreme Version) - 126.4
08 Blando, Deborah Boy (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) (Ego Trip Vocal Mix) - 120.0
09 Off-Shore Got to Get Away (Club Mix) - 120.0
10 Soul Family Sensation Other Stuff (Hard Mix) - 120.3
11 P.J.B. f/ Hanna & Her Sisters Bridge Over Troubled Water (DMC Mix) - 122.2
12 Cut 'N' Move Cut 'N' Move Theme (Bass Race Mix) - 103.5
13 Sledge, Kathy Take Me Back to Love Again (Shelter Me Mix) - 122.9

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