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Human League: Tell Me When
...CD5 sgl.: East West America 66147-2 (US), 1995.
1 Human League Tell Me When (Utah Saints Mix 2 / Utah Saints) [Label barcode: 0-7559-66147-2-6] - 127.2
2 ..."... Tell Me When (Red Jerry Mix) - 139.9
3 ..."... Tell Me When (Strictly Blind Dub / Neil Claxton and Johnny J.) [Desc.: House-styled track monotonously repeating, "if only I could see you again."] - 125.9
4 ..."... Tell Me When (Edit Version Overworld Mx / Neil Claxton and Johnny J.) [Desc.: Really with no resemblance to the song, an essentially vox-less (except for a few barely audible, "if only I could see you") instrumental underground house track.] - 125.9
5 ..."... Tell Me When (Utah Saints Mix 1 / Utah Saints) - 127.2

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