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Discotech: Issue # 18
...CD: Discotech DT-18 (US), 1993.
0 Discotech Issue # 18 - -
01 Bizarre Inc. Took My Love (Digital Post Prod. / Lenny Gray) [Time: 7:21 Brk: 2:27 32] - 124.0
02 Rozalla Faith (in the Power of Love) (Post Prod. / John Dickinson) - 123.0
03 Lu Lu Independence (Post Prod. / John Moffett) - 117.0
04 World Series of Life I Would Give Anything (Digital Post Prod. / Mark Alsop & Paul Goodyear) [Time: 6:10 Brk: 3:04 (32) Note: "Need some, we need some, need some love," starting [Inner City: Pennies from Heaven] then with a Michael Zaeger Band-ish, "Let's all chant,"-style drum beat, hand claps and samples.] - 126.0
05 Information Society Going Going Gone (Digital Post Prod. / Paul Buijsman *) - 128.0
06 Naughty by Nature Hip Hop Hooray (Post Prod. / Roy McLeod) - 99.0
07 T.C. Funky Guitar (Digital Post Prod. / John W. Moffett) [Time: 7:10 Brk: 3:41 (32) Note: Frankie Knuckles, "The Whistle Song," wedged within.] - 125.0
08 Wash, Martha The Things We Do For Love (Digital Post Prod. / John W. Moffett) - 109.0
09 Simple Minds Don't You Forget About Me (Post Prod. / Roy McLeod) - 112.0
10 Nu Shooz Point of No Return (Digital Post Prod. / Lenny Gray) - 110.0

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