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Disconet: CD Series #1
...CD: Disconet CD-1 (US), year?.
0 Disconet CD Series #1 (Prod./mxd.: Steve von Blau, Pat Rosiello & Mark St) - -
01 Bananarama Love in the First Degree (Penthouse Dub / Steve von Blau & Mike Carroll) - 113.0
02 Jackson, Janet The Pleasure Principle (Megamix / Tuto Aquino & Roger Pauletta) - 117.2
03 Depeche Mode Behind the Wheel (Powermix / Dennis Muyet) - 125.2
04 Rainey I Can Fly (Megamix / Steve von Blau & Mark Styles) - 141.0
05 Tantra Hills of Katmandu - 132.7
06 Dean, Hazell You're My Rainbow - 109.6
07 Houston, Whitney Love Will Save the Day (Disconet Edit / Mike Carroll) - 120.5
08 Styles, Mark Jump (Part II) - 118.2
09 Double Dee & Steinsky Lesson Two (The James Brown) - 110.3

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