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Direct Hit: Sector Two
...CD: Direct Hit DH-Sector-02 (US), 1996.
0 Direct Hit Sector Two - -
01 Hyper Go Go & Adeva Do Watcha Do (Direct Hit Mix / Steve Bourasa) [Time: 6:12] - 128.0
02 Nootropic I See Only You (Direct Hit Mix / Steve Bourasa) [Time: 7:36] - 127.0
03 Harmonix Landslide (Direct Hit Mix / Steve Bourasa) [Time: 7:52] - 133.0
04 D'Bora Good Love Real Love (Direct Hit Mix / J. Marc Andrus) [Time: 6:27] - 131.0
05 Martin, Billie Ray Imitation of Life (Direct Hit Mix / J. Marc Andrus) [Time: 6:11] - 130.0
06 Sarah Lovin' You (Direct Hit Mix / Steve Bourasa) [Time: 8:02] - 136.0
07 Way Our West Domination (Direct Hit Mix / J. Marc Andrus) [Time: 6:05 Note: with "Twin Peaks" chording.] - 126.0
08 Sasha & Marie Be as One (Direct Hit Mix / J. Marc Andrus) [Time: 6:41] - 130.0
09 Cher One by One (Direct Hit Mix / Steve Bourasa) [Time: 7:25] - 125.0
10 Funk Machine I've Closed the Door (Direct Hit Mix / Phil B) [Time: 7:16 Note: Wow! One of my favorites releases from 1991 (Flying Records) is resurrected here. All the original elements are here: "uuh uh aye aye," samples from Brenda and the Tabulations, "Let's Go All the Way (Down) (1977); a smooth as silk, jazzy female vocal; spine tingling sax riffs.] - 120.0

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