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Direct Hit: Volume 10
...CD: Direct Hit DH-10 (US), 1994.
0 Direct Hit Volume 10 - -
01 Peniston, Ce Ce Hit By Love (Digital Mix / Steve Bourasa) [Time: 6:13] - 123.0
02 Johnston, Sabrina Satisfy My Love (Digital Mix / Steve Bourasa) [Time: 6:30] - 123.0
03 Various: Mix Paul's Dance Attack: Pt. 1 (Digital Mix / Paul Buijsman) [Time: 15:12 Note: You don't have to say you love me You & me Clubhouse: Light my fire Sharada House Gang: Dancing through the night DJ Miko: What's up Corona: Rhythm of the night I've got a feeling for the future, I I wanna... You've gotta get down Mars Plastic: Find a way I'll be there I need a rhythm to make my body rock JX: Son of a gun You've gotta say what you wanna say Move on with your body (?Capella) Dance to the sound of the underground (?sample w/ others?) Capella: Move on baby Doop: Doop Get away, you're my get away, do it night and day You and me] - 133.0
04 Livin' Joy Dreamer (Digital Mix / Warren 'Kommission' Sanford & PB) [Time: 6:47] - 127.0
05 Loveland / Junior Vasquez Dubplate [No Hope] (Digital Mix / Steve Bourasa) [Time: 6:51] - 127.0
06 Christopher, Shawn Make My Love (Digital Mix / Paul Goodyear) [Time: 6:34] - 124.0
07 Rockmelons, The Stronger Together (Digital Mix / Paul Goodyear) [Time: 6:13] - 124.0
08 Tinman Eighteen Strings (Digital Mix / Warren 'Kommission' Sanford) [Time: 6:15] - 125.0
09 Patric Love Me (Digital Mix / Steve Bourasa) [Time: 5:33] - 134.0
10 Anderson, Carleen True Spirit (Digital Mix / Warren 'Kommission' Sanford) [Time: 6:17] - 120.0
11 Ross, Diana I'm Coming Out (Digital Mix / Steve Bourasa) [Time: 5:40] - 120.0

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