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CD Pool (America): UK Underground Beats: [Series 1], Vol. 2
...Double CD: CD Pool UKU102 (US), 1999.
1-1 CyberKid Crasher [Note: TBA In the UK] 08:38 135.0
1-2 Samui The Big Blue (Original Mix) [Note: In the UK November 1999] 08:03 141.0
1-3 Bluefish One (Main Mix) [Note: In the UK November 1999] 09:55 135.0
1-4 Aude, Dave Push That Thing (Timo Maas Phat Out Of Hell Mix) [Note: In the UK Late November 1999] 08:05 131.0
1-5 Pinocchio Hypnotized (Kaystones Whoop! Remix) [Note: TBA In the UK] 08:12 138.0
1-6 Fuel Greatest dancer (Club Mix) [Note: In the UK TBA 1999] 06:40 124.0
1-7 Dodge Rogers Keep On Reachin' [Note: In the UK November] 07:00 125.0
1-8 Preformation Kuiper Belt [Note: In the UK Late November 1999] 07:10 134.0
2-1 Lawrence, Christopher Rush Hour [Note: TBA In the UK] 07:25 135.0
2-2 Voyager Time Travel (Part 2) [Note: In the UK Early December 1999] 10:35 137.0
2-3 Jarmel Tranquility Bay (Original Mix) [Note: In the UK October 1999] 08:32 135.0
2-4 Tarrentella Substance (Miami Bass Mix) [Note: In the UK November 1999] 11:25 133.0
2-5 Earthbound One Nation Trance Nation (Skynet Vs. Ground Zero Remix) [Note: TBA In the UK] 08:34 139.0
2-6 Preformation Chemical Cargo [Note: In the UK November 1999] 07:46 137.0
2-7 Fuel The Guest List (Club Mix) [Note: TBA In the UK] 05:30 135.0

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