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CD Pool (America): UK Club Beats: Series 2, Vol. 6
...Double CD: CD Pool UKC206 (US), 2001/04/11.
1-1 Dope Movers Spinning Around (Digi Box Remix) 7:07 130.0
1-2 Laid fear. Derek Conyer No More Games 7:14 126.0
1-3 Johnson, Paul I Ain't Got No Soul 6:22 128.0
1-4 Lost It.Com Animal (Extended Original Mix) 6:57 129.0
1-5 Supreme Beings of Leisure Strange Love Addiction (Trouser Enthusiast Remix) 9:15 135.0
1-6 Bah Samba So Tired of Waiting (Carioca Vocal Dub) 7:41 122.0
1-7 Demetrios Celebrate (Joey Mustaphia Celebration Mix) 8:17 128.0
2-1 Mekka Diamondback (Original Mix) 6:53 133.0
2-2 Skynet UK feat. Alex Way of the Wave (Skynet UK Vocal Edit) 6:54 137.0
2-3 Onionz & Joeski pres. The Barrio Brothers Hold On to Your Love 7:36 126.0
2-4 Rey de Copas Frontera del Ensueno (Bloated Club Mix) 7:55 126.0
2-5 Papp, Julius Libido (Sunset Excursion) 7:12 126.0
2-6 Bump I'm Rushin' (Marc Auerback Remix) 10:38 128.0
2-7 Suburban State Getting Busy with It (DJ Joseph Mix) 6:24 129.0
2-8 Johnson, Darren You & Me (RJ Project Mix) 5:38 131.0

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